What’s Thaler up to now?

The primary goal should now be to keep the company alive. All ATMs of the producer General Bytes have already been sold, and an Exchange sale is to follow soon. At least the customers would like to get back their lost money. The ICO, on the other hand, will continue to be pushed, and announcements will follow shortly.

Thaler sends a threat to his partner Daniil Orlov, the COO of Cointed GmbH. If he does not, as ordered, prepare a situation report on the situation of mining, this will have serious consequences. After the sale of the ATMs and the announced sale of the Exchange, mining is the last pillar of Cointed GmbH.

Marketing boss Sperl nevertheless optimistic about crypto trader

The Head of Marketing, Albert Sperl, is relieved that there is now clarity for crypto trader. At the request of BTC-ECHO, he said: “I am glad that someone from the management has finally made a public statement about the accusations. I know that the pressure on Wolfgang (Thaler’s) shoulders must be enormous. I hope that he will succeed in everything he has set himself. He can count on the full support of me and my team in these difficult times”.

Despite all the adversities, the team is not beaten. Cointed will have to reposition itself for the future. The important information for the customers is however: One sets everything to the fact that it continues.

Nevertheless, the incidents have led the company into financial difficulties. Therefore, the offices in Kufstein, which are home to only a few employees anyway, were closed for cost reasons. Thaler also recommended working in the home office to the employees of the Vienna office – he fears assaults by angry customers. So the fact that nobody is present at the moment has nothing to do with the fact that people want to evade responsibility.

End of a foundation

Until last month the BitNodes project was supported by the Bitcoin Foundation. However, director Bruce Fenton at CoinDesk stated that the funding was not renewed because of “budget and focus”.

After a chaotic and very public new beginning last year, his upcoming DevCore workshop shows that the “lean” organization is focusing on core development.

Although he would like projects like BitNodes to be funded in a decentralized way, for example companies supporting projects they like, he added:

“A non-profit organization can sometimes do things a for-profit organization can’t, and can sometimes help to call power and neutrality.